Landscaping Gardeners Glasgow

(including grass and hedge cutting)
The range of designs and material that can be utilised for landscaping projects is huge. Given the range that can be used to create the desirable garden areas it is important that the customer works closely with us to co-ordinate the right material and design that suits their property.
We also provide the following services

-Fencing and Decking
-Turfing and artificial grass installation

Civil Engineering ("CE")

CE work may be vital to make your project functional. In many cases it is a vital part of the work that needs to be carried out on your project. Given our commercial and domestic experience we are well placed to advise on any CE work that may be required n you project including soak away drains, land drains, sewers, concrete foundations bases, general ground-work for driveways and patios etc. We would work closely with you to explain what CE aspects are required to make your project a success.

Civil Engineering and Building Services include:

  • Drainage (inc. septic tank, land drains, sewers, blocked drains)
  • Precast Concrete Garages
  • General Building Work (including all types of brick and stonework)
  • Concrete Work (including all house and building foundations, bases, retaining walls, etc)
  • Concrete Core Cutting (including lab analysis if required)

General Building and Maintenance

We also carry out maintenance and general building work to either complement your project, and upgrade or improve your property or separately as a standalone job. As we undertake all types and sizes of jobs then we look at all work no matter how small. This type of work extends to building walls, fixing gutters, roughcasting to all types of repair work.

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