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Which type of contractor should I get to install my Driveway, Patio, Path etc.?

Generally, there are a lot of companies that could install a driveway for example, perhaps someone carrying out an extension on your property. However, we would recommend sticking to a contractor who specialise in this type of ground-work. Here at G&J Allison Driveways Glasgow 80% of our work is installing Driveways, Patios and Paths etc. please feel free to get a quote from us using the link provided on this website.

How many quotes should I get?

Conventional wisdom suggests that you should get 3 quotes depending on the value of the job, 2 or 1 would do if a contractor has been recommended to you. However, we would suggest obtaining at least 2 quotes so as you have something to compare, e.g. price, quality etc.

What should I be looking for when I get a quote?

Firstly, you should be giving all those contractors looking to quote a clear outline of what you want, so as they can give you a like for like price. If it is just a driveway then that should be straight forward. It may be that you have different options and suggestions from different contractors; these will have to be reviewed carefully as some quotes may be more expensive than others because there is a more expensive option. Our advice at G&J Allison is to have the quote written out with a list of work to be undertaken so as it makes it easier for you to compare quotes and choose a contractor that suits you.

Should I get references from previous customers?

This is a matter for you, although for work over a certain value we would recommend getting at least 2 references to substantiate any claims made by a contractor. To save time we would recommend getting references of previous work from the contractor you are most interested in after you have ingathered all your quotes, if your first choice of contractor falls through you can move down your list of contractors. At G&J Allison we would be more than happy to provide references and visits to previous work

Should I get a guarantee for the work undertaken?

Yes you should and this should be a standard for any reputable contractor. 3-5 years is the norm for work on Driveways, Patios etc. We at G&A Allison provide a 5 year guarantee as we feel this is realistic and reasonable for both parties.

Who surveys the work to be carried out and provides a quote?

This is usually down to individual companies, some companies use sales people some use experience individuals who have a greater understanding of the intricacies of the work required. At G&J Allison we do not use sales people, we undertake our own surveys as believe experience of groundwork is the best way to explain and help the Customer understand what may be required, and we are involved in the carrying out the work.

Does G&A Allison use sub-contractors?

No. We do all our own work. There are however a number of contractors that do use sub-contractors, to be fair the majority of sub-contractors do a good job but at the end of the day the contractor that employs the sub-contractor stands behind any guarantee for any work carried out and not the sub-contractor. Remember if you enter an agreement for work to be carried out by a specific contractor the contract is between you and the contractor not the sub-contractor, unless some special arrangement has been put in place.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes. All groundwork companies should carry this insurance as a matter of course. Other insurances may be required where building work is carried out.

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